Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lantern Festival

Team from Fengshui wonders in Chiang Mai for Loy Krathong

Hi everyone, Lik Chun is here and once again mother nature’s being tested for scientific reasons. Hope that all remembered on the beginning hours of Lik Chun (this year the time is 12:55am) when you placed an egg on the ground, the egg will stand on its own. Did you have fun with your family while trying to get the egg to stand?

Well, not a day had passed without someone talking or writing about what’s in store for everyone worldwide this 2009-financially. The positive ones look at the global economic crisis as a challenge. I even hear one say, that when the crisis is over, there will be an abundance of new jobs and opportunities everywhere, worldwide. But unfortunately most would allow the gloomy talk get them down, but sitting down, not doing anything will make matter worst. It is said, no one can control the current economy or the crisis, but we can sure control how to handle it. Don’t think that the current crisis is something new, it never was, our forefathers has face certain crisis in their time, they, our forefathers discovered certain solutions to overcome each crisis and they impart the knowledge to us. Many practices or rituals that were pass down today which we had put into practice has proven that it worked and has helped us to improved one’s quality of life. Take for instance, on the eve of Chinese New Year, we brighten up our home with the colour red, we set off fireworks to usher the coming year, then at selected time (which is different every year) we offer prayers and least not forgetting, on the selected auspicious time, we walk towards a certain facing or direction to absorb the positive energy which is given to us by the universe, which will give us the extra boost for the year ahead. This practice in Mandarin is called “sin nian 行年”.

Next, we have the Lantern Festival which falls on the 15th day of the 1st lunar month. On this day from 7pm – 11pm we placed lighted lanterns (Kung Ming Tern 孔明灯) and let it float in the sky, we can also place lighted lotus lights in the river, its purpose? To bring us good fortune for the coming year. The lotus flower is placed on a foam, next to it we placed a lighted candle, the lotus flower symbolize purity, the light from the candle is to brighten our path. These are one of the few examples of rituals which our forefathers discovered during their time to help overcome certain crisis during their life time. There are many more other rituals or practices,if you’ve surf through our blog and our webpage, I’m sure you will not miss all the info’s which I’ve shared with you over the year.
Don’t think it’ll work, why not try it yourself. Our ancestors impart their knowledge to us to apply the practice of fengshui too; the purpose is to tap good, positive energy to improve one’s life quality.

Have you ever wonder why, there are so many practices or rituals in a year. If such rituals or practices doesn’t produce result and make sense, surely it will not be practice after so many decades. For those who had apply these rituals or practices will agree, it’s one of the solution to overcome a certain crisis in our lives. The Thai people celebrated Loy Krathong (the Lantern Festival) all over Thailand, so does the residents of Yunnan, China. A wise man once said, thinking positively is more infectious and inspiring. So move forward, optimistically. Asked yourself, if there is a way to improve one’s life quality, do you want it? I’ve already posted the 2009 flying star analysis on my web page. If it’s an interest to you, do log into to view the context. I have also launched my ebook title “The Mystic World of Fengshui” and it’s for sale at Why an ebook? It’s easily available and it’s green.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chong Yang Day

Our annual jungle trekking and mountain climbing event is back again. It's Chong Yang day on the 7th Oct 2008. Chong Yang day falls on the 9th month of the 9th day of lunar calender. It is said that because of this, the day symbolised prosperity, longevity and good health (长长久久). For Taoist followers or believers, on Chong Yang day, they'll go mountain climbing resulting the extra edge in their career and business prospect. After the climb, they'll fest their thirst by drinking chrysanthemum tea to promote good health for the whole year!!

This year we choose to climb Mount Matang located at Kuching, Sarawak. We choose this site because we want to visit an ancient Hindu Temple located on top of this mountain. The temple was build in 1860 during the time when British ruled Borneo. There used to be a tea plantation and the temple was build to cater for the tea plantation workers that came from many parts of India. The temple today still exits but going through a major change. The local temple authorities who are in charge is constructing a new building to host the dieties there and had import in some workers from India to construct the new building for them. The new building when completed spreads over a beautiful hillside, commanding a breathtaking view of the surrounding hills and some parts of Kuching city. Many worshippers to the temple claimed they experienced some paranoid events at the temple site when they camp there during their visits. The stories they told, will be included in our book "The Mystic World of Feng Shui" which will be on sale soon. Look out for it!